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Discover the Oticon Own 1: a revolution in custom and discreet hearing aids. Offering unbeatable Oticon Own price and quality within Oticon hearing aid models and prices. Elevate your auditory experience with the Oticon Own 1.


Oticon Own: Your Perfect Hearing Companion in Maryland

Welcome to a world where hearing is made easy and comfortable! The Oticon Own 1 is here to change the game in Maryland. It’s a special hearing aid that understands your needs and fits right into your daily life. Let’s explore what makes it so amazing!

Why Choose Oticon Own 1?

Custom Fit Just for You: The Oticon Own hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all. They are made just for you, fitting perfectly in your ears. You can choose from the full shell design, which fills your ear for a snug fit, or the smaller, invisible style. Both come with an easy-to-use button, making them super user-friendly.

Invisible Style: Want a hearing aid that no one can see? Oticon is your best bet. It’s designed to be super discreet, sitting comfortably in your ear without anyone noticing. It’s perfect if you like keeping things private.

Clear Sound Anywhere: Noisy places? No problem! The Oticon Own is known for its clear sound. It helps you hear every word and sound, no matter where you are. Its special feature makes sure sudden loud sounds don’t bother you, and you can even talk on the phone hands-free!

Great Value: Worried about cost? The Oticon Own is a smart choice. It’s priced just right, offering great quality without breaking the bank. You get to choose from different technology levels, so there’s something for everyone.

More Cool Things About Oticon Own

Trusted Brand: Oticon is a name you can trust. They’ve been making hearing aids for a long time, and the Oticon Own 1 is one of their best. It’s not just any hearing aid; it’s a premium choice.

Options Galore: Whether you like visible or invisible hearing aids, Oticon Own has you covered. They also have Bluetooth, so you can connect to your phone or other devices easily. And, you can choose between regular batteries or rechargeable ones. Never worry about running out of power!

Great for Everyone: Whether you’re new to hearing aids or have used them for years, Oticon has something special for you. It’s easy to use and offers amazing hearing, making it a top choice.

Visit Us in Maryland!

Interested? Come check out Oticon¬†at 3D Hearing in Maryland. We’ll help you find the perfect fit and answer all your questions about Oticon hearing aid prices. Our professional team is ready to give you a personalized experience and show you why the Oticon Own 1 is one of the best invisible hearing aids out there.

Hearing Made Easy

In summary, the Oticon Own 1 is a fantastic choice for anyone in Maryland looking for real hearing solutions. It’s invisible, comfortable, and provides crystal-clear sound, even in noisy places. Plus, with various options and a friendly price tag, it’s a smart choice for your hearing needs.

Experience the difference with the Oticon at 3D Hearing. We’re here to make your hearing journey easy, comfortable, and affordable. Say goodbye to hearing troubles and hello to clear, beautiful sounds with Oticon Own 1!

Additional information


Beige, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black

Hearing Loss

Slight, Moderate, Severe


Lithium Ion

Battery Type


Battery Size

10, 312

Ear Position

Left Ear, Right Ear, Both




Non Self Fit



App to Use



28 oz


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