Oticon Real 2


Discover the Oticon Real 2 hearing aid, redefining Oticon hearing aid models and prices. Experience cutting-edge features and unparalleled audiological quality with this premium device. Elevate your hearing experience with the Oticon Real 2.


Introducing the Oticon Real 2 hearing aid, a next-generation breakthrough that is reshaping the landscape of Oticon hearing aid models and prices. When you evaluate the Oticon Real 2 price and go through Oticon Real reviews, it’s evident that this advanced device delivers unparalleled value.

Key Features:

  • Sudden Sound Stabilizer: Leading the Oticon Real features, this component adeptly mitigates abrupt, loud noises, reducing listening effort by 22% in challenging circumstances. Oticon Real hearing aids reviews and discussions on Oticon 2 hearing aids often highlight this remarkable feature.
  • Wind and Handling Stabilizer: Highly praised in Oticon Real hearing aid reviews and Oticon Real 2 reviews, this feature efficiently reduces wind noise and sound disruptions caused by contact with the hearing aids, such as hand or hair touch.
  • Remote Updates: Enabled by the Oticon companion app, you can receive these software updates directly from your Oticon professional, as clearly laid out in the Oticon hearing aids manual. All this functionality is housed within the Oticon ON app.
  • Connectivity: As emphasized in reviews on Oticon hearing aids and individual Oticon hearing aid reviews, the Oticon Real 2 effortlessly pairs with Apple devices for hands-free calling and streaming. For those desiring additional connectivity, the Oticon ConnectClip is an available accessory.

Additional Information:

The Oticon Real 2 is not merely an off-the-shelf product; it’s a premium device that has continuously received excellent Oticon hearing aids review ratings. It comes complete with an Oticon hearing aid charger and a wide assortment of Oticon hearing aid accessories. If you’re asking, ‘how much are Oticon Real hearing aids?’ or concerned about the Oticon hearing aid cost, we invite you to visit one of our 3D Hearing locations for a personalized fitting at exclusive Oticon hearing aid prices.

Offered in a variety of Oticon Real colors, this model has consistently received accolades in Oticon Real 2 review conversations and general Oticon hearing aids reviews. The Oticon ON app and Oticon professional resources offer comprehensive guides to enrich your user experience. Whether you’re focusing on Oticon Real hearing aids, exploring Oticon app features, or perusing an Oticon Real review, consistent positive feedback underscores the device’s quality.

Discover unparalleled audiological excellence with the Oticon Real 2—where leading-edge technology converges with unmatched quality.

Additional information


Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC), Behind the Ear (BTE)



Battery type

Lithium Ion


Chroma Beige, Silver Grey, Silver, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, Steel Grey, Diamond Black, Hear Pink

Hearing Loss

Slight, Moderate

Receiver Length

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


OpenBass dome – 5mm (60db only), OpenBass dome – 6mm, OpenBass dome – 8mm, OpenBass dome – 10mm, OpenBass dome – 12mm, Bass double vent – 6mm, Bass double vent – 8mm, Bass double vent – 10mm, Bass double vent – 12mm, Power dome – 6mm, Power dome – 8mm, Power dome – 10mm, Power dome – 12mm, Grip tip – no vent, Grip tip – vent

Receiver Power

60db, 80db, 100db

Ear Position

Left Ear, Right Ear, Both Ears


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