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Introducing the Signia Active Pro—your go-to solution for superior speech clarity and exceptional comfort. Designed for the modern listener, this top-tier hearing aid effortlessly integrates into your daily life. With cutting-edge Bluetooth technology, you can stream TV and music directly to your hearing aids. Available in elegant color combinations like Snow White/Rose Gold and Black/Silver.


Signia Active Pro: Your Ultimate Earbud Hearing Aids Solution

Introducing Signia Active Pro, a revolutionary product that bridges the gap between earbuds and hearing aids. With this cutting-edge device, you’re not just wearing hearing aids; you’re making a lifestyle statement. If you’ve been searching for a discreet, stylish, and high-performing auditory experience, your search ends here.

Why Choose Signia Active Pro?

When it comes to hearing aids, Oticon prices often catch the eye, but Signia Active Pro offers an unmatched combination of affordability and quality. You don’t just get a hearing aid; you get a comprehensive package that includes various Signia real colors and even invisible hearing aid types. Pictures don’t do justice to the sleek design and customizable features of these in-ear hearing aids.

Sound Quality and Performance

Signia Active Pro stands out in the sea of Signia hearing aids reviews for its exceptional sound quality. These are custom hearing aids, designed to adapt to your unique hearing profile. The Signia professional team has invested years into crafting a device that offers unparalleled auditory experience, whether you are in a quiet room or a noisy outdoor environment.


Are you tired of handling cumbersome devices that don’t integrate with your tech-savvy lifestyle? Signia Active Pro comes with advanced Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to sync your hearing aids with various Bluetooth-enabled devices. From taking calls to streaming music, these Bluetooth hearing aid earbuds have got you covered.

Comfort and Discretion

Designed as in-the-ear hearing aids, the Signia Active Pro promises not just performance but also unparalleled comfort. These aren’t just hearing aids; they are discreet hearing aids that are virtually indistinguishable from regular earbuds. When you wear them, you’re not just hearing better; you’re also looking great!

Battery Life and Rechargeability

In the realm of rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids, the Signia Active Pro leads the pack. Forget the constant need for battery replacements; a single charge can last you through the day. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also about being environmentally responsible.

Customization and Support

If you have specific hearing needs, our Signia professional services are here to assist you with custom hearing aids settings. You can be assured of receiving a device that fits your auditory profile perfectly.

Pricing and Availability

When it comes to the price of Oticon hearing aids, many people find themselves making comparisons. However, the Signia hearing aids price offers excellent value, given the plethora of features and benefits you receive.

Experience a new dimension in auditory assistance with Signia Active Pro. It’s not just a device; it’s an extension of you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Signia Active Pro by 3D Hearing

What is the difference between Signia Active and Signia Active Pro?

Signia Active is designed for occasional use, perfect for those who need an auditory edge in noisy environments. On the other hand, Signia Active Pro is crafted for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss and offers more advanced features. Both models are available in stylish color combinations such as White and Rose Gold, Black and Silver, or All-Black.

What is the most comfortable hearing aid to wear?

While behind-the-ear hearing aids are often praised for their comfort, Signia Active Pro offers custom-made in-the-ear hearing aids. These fit your unique ear canal shape, providing both comfort and discretion.

Which hearing aid has the best speech clarity?

We pride ourselves on the superior speech clarity offered by Signia Active Pro. These hearing aids are designed to excel in environments with competing babble and background noise, ensuring you never miss a word.

What is the #1 hearing aid?

Signia Active Pro stands out as a top-of-the-line product in both performance and affordability, offering rechargeable options and a range of features that cater to various hearing needs.

Should you wear a hearing aid all day?

It is advisable to wear your Signia Active Pro hearing aids as much as possible, except during activities like sleeping, showering, or swimming. Consistent use helps your brain adapt to new sounds more effectively.

Which type of hearing aid is the most commonly sold?

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids are popular, but Signia Active Pro provides the best of both worlds with its in-the-ear design, combining the benefits of various types of hearing aids.

How do you keep hearing aid domes in your ear?

Signia Active Pro offers a range of hearing aid accessories that prevent movement and ensure a secure fit. Regular checks for earwax and proper insertion techniques are also recommended.

What is the best hearing aid for poor dexterity?

The in-the-ear design of Signia Active Pro is particularly beneficial for those with dexterity issues, as it eliminates the need to handle small, fiddly parts.

Which style of hearing aid has the most durability and fewer repairs?

Signia Active Pro is designed with durability in mind, requiring fewer repairs compared to other hearing aids. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance.

What is the average cost of a decent hearing aid?

The cost of Signia Active Pro hearing aids is competitive, offering excellent value for a premium device equipped with advanced features.

Is it better to get a hearing aid from an audiologist?

Absolutely. Consulting a reputable audiologist for your Signia Active Pro ensures you get a customized solution that meets your specific hearing needs.

Can you play music through Signia hearing aids?

Yes, Signia Active Pro offers advanced Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream music in high-definition stereo quality.

Does Signia make a waterproof hearing aid?

While Signia Active Pro is not waterproof, it is designed to be resistant to moisture, making it highly durable for everyday use.

How do I turn off Signia Active Pro?

You can turn off your Signia Active Pro by pressing and holding the pushbutton on either aid for a few seconds. A short jingle will indicate that the device is turned off.

Does my Signia hearing aid have Bluetooth?

Indeed, Signia Active Pro comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless integration with various Bluetooth-enabled devices.

What is the battery life of Signia?

Signia Active Pro offers up to 26 hours of listening or 23 hours of listening with 5 hours of streaming on a single charge.

How do you clean a Signia hearing aid?

Regular cleaning with a dry, soft cloth and using specialized cleaning tools can help maintain the optimal performance of your Signia Active Pro hearing aids.

Additional information


Snow white/Rose Gold, Silver/Black, Black/Black

Artificial Intelligence




Battery Type



Instant Fit-in-the-Ear


Lithium Ion

Sleeves 2.0

Vented Sleeve – XS, Vented Sleeve – S, Vented Sleeve – M, Vented Sleeve – L, Closed Sleeve – XS, Closed Sleeve – S, Closed Sleeve – M, Closed Sleeve – L

Ear Position

Left Ear, Right Ear, Both Ears


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