Widex Moment 440



The Widex Moment 440 epitomizes the pinnacle of Widex’s audiological expertise, standing as the most advanced device within the Moment family. Its premium technology provides an array of filters and programs, making it an ideal companion for individuals leading active lifestyles.

The Moment 440 is engineered to deliver superior sound quality in a variety of environments, from social gatherings and outdoor activities to restaurants and concerts. If you find yourself frequently navigating these dynamic soundscapes, the Widex Moment 440 is designed for you.

The Moment 440 adopts a traditional Receiver-in-canal (RIC) form factor, enabling it to sit discreetly behind your ears. These hearing aids are smartphone compatible, allowing for direct streaming of calls, music, and other audio.

Powered by a 312 battery, the Moment 440 ensures a week of connectivity before requiring a battery replacement.

The Widex Moment Sheer, introduced in September 2022, shifted the focus away from ancillary features to prioritize pristine sound quality. The Moment 440 reflects this focus, boasting a comprehensive suite of sound processing features. These include wind noise reduction, speech enhancement, and 15 customizable adjustment bands for your audiologist to fine-tune your hearing experience.

The Widex Moment 440 is particularly beneficial for those who frequently travel or engage in group activities. Its premium features and superior performance make it worth the investment. Visit our locations to get them fitted locally!

Key benefits of the Widex Moment 440 include:

  • Emphasis on sound quality, delivering clear sound with the industry’s lowest delay.
  • Incorporation of leading tinnitus features.
  • Rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth streaming capabilities.
  • It’s the smallest RIC product on the market, offering discretion without compromising sound quality.

In essence, the Widex Moment 440 is more than just a hearing aid; it’s a promise of quality, convenience, and an elevated listening experience tailored for your lifestyle.


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